Øyvind Larssen
Øyvind Larssen farm
The farm Flotten in Verdal, where the murders were committed.
Background information
Born ca. 1911
Parents Aksel Larssen
Attack information
Date March 30, 1932
Location(s) Verdal, Norway
Target(s) Family
Killed 7
Weapon(s) Axe

Øyvind Larssen (also spelled Eivind Larsen) was a Norwegian who killed seven members of his family at a farm in Verdal, Norway on March 30, 1932. He was afterwards arrested and found to be insane.[1][2][3][4]

Larssen's father Aksel owned a farm named Flotten in Vinne, which was one of the largest in the area. The local priest stated that he was an ordinary and good-natured, though also nervous young man, and the family lived on good terms together. Besides Larssen there were six children in the family, three girls, aged 22, 18, and 16 years, and three boys, aged 24, 13, and 5, the oldest of which was at a school of education in Elverum at the time of the murders.[5]

According to his own testimony Larssen had been depressed throughout Easter and feared that he might be insane. He also suspected that his family had a disposition for mental illness, and often contemplated to destroy it, to spare them a life in psychiatric institutions.[6] During a walk in the night of March 29 he finally decided to go through with his plan. He went to bed around 11 p.m., staying awake until his older sister Agnes returned from a singing exercise, and, as soon as everything was quiet, snuck into the kitchen, retrived an axe, and hid it in his bed. He lay down again, fully dressed, and waited until he was sure that everyone was asleep.[5]

Eventually the 20-year-old grabbed his axe and went to the room of his sisters Malfrid and Bergliot and killed them by hitting them on the forehead, subsequently returning to his own room, where he killed his brother Kristian in the same manner. He next crept down to his parent's room, where he first killed his father and his little brother Agnar, before turning against his woken mother. At last he went to the floor occupied by his sister Agnes and attacked her as well, afterwards going through the house again to hit all of his victims once more to ensure that they are dead and are spared any suffering. After the first attacks several of them were still alive and moaning, and Agnes Larssen managed to rise from her bed, before she was killed during Larssen's second tour through the home.[5]

Having made sure that all of his family members are dead Larssen set fire under the beds of his father, Kristian, and Agnes and when certain that everything burned ran to the stables to release three horses and a bull. He then notified the fire brigade and made his way to the lensmann, who was living three-quarter miles away.[5] Larssen was then arrested, confessed to the crime, and was taken to Levanger, where he remained calm, and appeared to be in a state of languor and insanity.[5] He was found to be insane a few days later and taken to Steinkjer.[7][8]





  • Aksel Larssen, his father
  • Mrs. Larssen, his mother
  • Agnes Larssen, 22, his sister
  • Bergliot Larssen, his sister
  • Malfrid Larssen, his sister
  • Kristian Larssen, 13, his brother
  • Agnar Larssen, 5, his brother


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