1965 Lebanon/Syria amok case
Date December 1965
Location(s) Lebanon/Syria
Killed 14
Injured 2+
Weapon(s) Tanker truck

In December 1965 a Lebanese truck driver killed 14 people and wounded several others somewhere not far from the Lebanese-Syrian border.

While the man and his brother were driving two tanker trucks on a road leading from Homs to Baalbek said brother fatally hit a little girl, who was a member of a bedouin tribe living in the area. Enraged thirty of the bedouins gathered, stabbed the man to death, dismembered his body, and put his head on the windshield. When the second truck driver came to the scene and saw the bedouins bent over his brother's corpse he reversed his vehicle, crashed full speed into the crowd, and then continued his journey to the border, where he surrendered himself to the authorities.[1][2]

The available sources did not report on which side of the border the incident occurred.


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