Amara ben Ahmed
Born ca. 1883
Attack information
Date May 27, 1937
Location(s) Edough, French Algeria
Killed 7
Weapon(s) Rifle

Amara ben Ahmed was an Algerian who killed seven people in Edough, near Bône, French Algeria on May 27, 1937.[1][2][3]

After getting divorced from his ninth wife[4] Amara wanted to marry a 16-year-old girl, but he was the laughingstock of the village and the girl refused. On the aforementioned day Amara once again came to the girl's home and asked her to marry him. When she still declined he threatend to fetch his rifle and kill everyone in the house, but the girl simply laughed at him.

Enraged the 54-year-old went home, took his gun, and returned to the girl's house, where he killed her, as well as her three brothers, and then set fire to the building. Afterwards he went to the other end of the village, where he murdered a woman, who had repeatedly mocked him, as well as the woman's husband, and sister, and also set their house ablaze. While the fires spread and destroyed five other buildings, Amara went to a friend, confessed to the crimes, and then fled into the mountains.[5]


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