Author(s) Adler, Lothar
Year 2001
Title Amok im Spektrum homizidal-suzidaler Handlungen
Published in Suizidprophylaxe, Vol. 28, No. 3
Pages 103–108
Also published in Wolfersdorf, Manfred & Wedler, Hans (eds.): Terroristen-Suizide und Amok; S. Roderer-Verlag, Regensburg, 2002. (pp. 60–72)
ISBN 9783897833128
Link [1]
Abstract Amok is the historical origin of homicidal-suicidal behaviour beginning with martial self-scarifying of groups in respect to king's honour or "Intifada". Present-day importance is shown in the attacks on the World Trade Center and in Israel every day. As an individual act amok is prototypic for the motivational and directional ambiguity of all homicidal and suicidal behaviour: it is the factual realization of an idea, which is normally only imagined or partially acted out. In this contribution, the historical dimension and the role of amok in the homicide-suicide-spectrum is described and the possible reasons are discussed. In contrast to common belief, psychiatric disorders and psychosocial factors appear to play only a minor role as risk factors. The lack of impulse control may be explained by an inadequately developed and acting serotonin system.
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