Antonio Calvente Guerrero
Antonio Calvente Guerrero
Background information
Occupation Genadarme
Born ca. 1875

September 13, 1902(1902-09-13) (aged 27)
Málaga, Spain

Cause of death Shot dead
Attack information
Date September 13, 1902
11 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.
Location(s) Málaga, Spain
Killed 6-8
Injured 3-7
Weapon(s) Mauser rifle

Antonio Calvente Guerrero was a Spanish member of the Guardia Civil who killed at least six people and wounded up to seven others in Málaga, Spain on September 13, 1902, before being shot dead.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]



Autopsy of Calvente showed that he was killed by three bullets, was apparently drinking with other soldiers and civilians, was struck by one of them with bayonet, María Rodríguez succumbed to injury [17]

Following the shooting three members of the guardia civil and a sergeant were arrested. Calvente was often missing at the Academy due to severe headaches. [18][19]


  • María Corredor Fernández, 49
  • Francisco Delgado Fernández, 23
  • Juan Moreno Ramírez, 21
  • María Rodríguez Barrionuevo, 60, shot in the right pelvis
  • Gaspar Ruíz Torres, 65
  • Antonio Valle Padilla, 50
  • Luis Valle Padilla, 20, son of Antonio Valle Padilla
  • Concepción Zambrana Alvarez, 60

Among those wounded were:[20]

  • María Pérez Abolaño, 65, shot in right hand
  • Juan Bautista Pérez, 21, son of María Pérez Abolaño, shot in right hand and left pelvis
  • Francisco Ramírez Amores, 65, grazed in right hand


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