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Antonio and Emilio Izquierdo
Birth name Antonio Izquierdo
Emilio Izquierdo
Attack information
Date August 26, 1990
10:15 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. UTC+1
Location(s) Puerto Hurraco, Benquerencia de la Serena, Spain
Killed 9
Injured 6+
Weapon(s) Two 12-gauge shotguns

Antonio and Emilio Izquierdo were two Spanish brothers who killed nine people and wounded at least six others in Puerto Hurraco, a village in Benquerencia de la Serena municipality in the Province of Badajoz, Spain on August 26, 1990, when they fired with two shotguns at people in the streets. The two then fled, but were arrested a couple of hours later and eventually sentenced each to 684 years in prison.[1][2]


  • Reinaldo Benítez Romero, 62
  • Manuel Cabanillas Carrillo, 55
  • Antonia Cabanillas Rivero, 14
  • Encarnación Cabanillas Rivero, 12, sister of Antonia Cabanillas
  • Isabel Carrillo Dávila, 70
  • Andrés Ojeda Gallardo, 36, son-in-law of Isabel Carrillo
  • Araceli Murillo Romero, 60
  • Antonia Murillo Fernández, 58
  • José Penco Rosales, 43

Among those wounded were: Guillermo Ojeda Sánchez, 6, Antonio Cabanillas Benítez, 24, Juan Antonio Fernández Trejo, 31, Ángela Sánchez Murillo, 42, Felicitas Benítez Romero, 59, Vicenta Izquierdo Sánchez, Isabel Cabanillas, and Manuel Calero Márquez.


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