Aramoana: Twenty-two Hours of Terror
Aramoana - Twenty-two Hours of Terror
Covers of the 1991 and 2006 edition.
Author(s) Bill O'Brien
Published 1991
Publisher Penguin Books
Country New Zealand
Pages 221
ISBN 9780140168198

Aramoana: Twenty-two Hours of Terror - The Police Inside Story is a book by Bill O'Brien, published by Penguin Books in 1991.


On 13 November 1990 the still evening air at the tiny Otago seaside settlement of Aramoana was shattered as a lone gunman went berserk, killing 13 people. It was New Zealand's worst mass killing. Local resident David Gray, regarded until then as a harmless recluse, went to ground. He evaded capture for 22 hours before being killed by police in a violent shoot-out. For local residents trapped in their homes and for police attempting to capture David Gray, it was a time of terror, great danger and individual acts of heroism. This book has been written by a police officer who was involved in the Aramoana tragedy from the start. It contains for the first time the full inside story of the events of 13 and 14 November, including minute-by-minute accounts of the police operation. It features information never before made public, including startling new details about David Gray himself. Senior Sergeant Bill O'Brien was a fingerprint expert, also a press officer; he has also instructed at the RNZ Police College. He was responsible for handling media inquiries from throughout the world as the tragedy of Aramoana unfolded.


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