Arthur Akers
Ethnicity African-American
Penalty 4 years in prison
Attack information
Date April 9, 1916
Location(s) Stuttgart, Arkansas, United States
Killed 0
Injured 9-13
Weapon(s) Double-barreled shotgun
.45-caliber revolver

Arthur Akers (also identified as Oscar Akers) was an American who injured up to thirteen people in Stuttgart, Arkansas, United States on April 9, 1916.

During the night of the aforementioned date Akers, who had only one arm, reportedly got angry when he saw his wife talking to another man. He armed himself with a double-barreled shotgun, a .45-caliber revolver, and a knife, paced through the negro quarter of the town, shooting his wife, her companion, as well as another person, and then entered a church where he fired one shot, hitting five people. Afterward he went to a railroad station, where he stabbed a porter, cut the throats of a dog and a horse, and then fled. The rampage had lasted about 30 minutes and all of his victims were black. According to inital reports nine people were injured, with two or three of them being in critical conditions, while a later report mentioned thirteen people wounded. Akers was arrested the following day and sentenced to four years in prison on May 25.[1][2][3][4][5]

Various newspapers stated that seven people were killed and two others wounded in the shooting, however, these reports were in all probablity incorrect.[6][7][8][9]


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