Author(s) Daniels, Jeffrey A.
Page, Jonathan W.
Year 2013
Title Averted School Shootings
Published in Böckler, Nils, et al. (eds.): School Shootings - International Research, Case Studies, and Concepts for Prevention; Springer, New York.
ISBN 9781461455257
Pages 421–439
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-5526-4_19
Abstract An overview of research on averted school shootings, beginning with an overview of the phenomenon of lethal school violence, including prevalence and the effects of shootings on the school community. A review and analysis of the research on averted school shootings is followed by an overview of Daniels and Bradley’s five-pronged Safe School Communities Model. The model includes skills instruction, expected student behaviors, engagement with the community, student self/other awareness, and positive adult interactions.
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