Ethnicity Banjarese

September 27, 1922
Surabaya, Dutch East Indies

Cause of death Killed by police
Attack information
Date September 27, 1922
Location(s) Surabaya, Dutch East Indies
Killed 6
Injured 11-12
Weapon(s) Klewang

Baju was a Banjarese convict who killed at least six people and wounded at least eleven others in Surabaya, Dutch East Indies on September 27, 1922, before being killed by police.[1][2]

Transported prison in Batavia, where he was imprisoned several years, was transported by police from Batavia to Semarang by train, then to Surabaya, where he surrendered himself at a police station, the following morning was escorted to police headquarter to be sent to Pontianak, in Pasar Babaan, took klewang from police officer escorting him, stabbed him in abdomen, attacked him further when he fell to ground, then attacked an old blind woman and another old woman, Salam, the commander of a nearby post-house tried to calm him down, man killed him with strike on head then stabbed in chest and abdomen, killed two other natives, wounded more, among them Europeans

at around 10 a.m. police was informed, when arrived tried to shoot him twice, but missed, then surrounded shot again hit in neck, still didn't went down, was felled by chief constable Bool with klewang when attacking and nor seriously injuring officer Soute,

two native police officers were dead, other natives, as well as two European women, and a European child, wounded, European woman named Kempff/Kempen was stabbed in stomach, she died in hospital, woman named Vogel/Voogel was injured in lower back, her child was also injured, attack occured in Dapuan, near Babaan market [3][4][5][6][7][8]


  • Mrs. Kempen
  • Salam
  • Setro
  • Bok Wongso
  • Maku
  • Unidentified person

Those wounded were:

  • Mrs. Voogel
  • Mrs. Voogel's daughter
  • Emma Meijer
  • Sadi
  • Kadis
  • Bok Min
  • Kadar
  • Patima
  • Paksmin
  • Soemin
  • Sabilat
  • Soute, police officer


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