Batubatu amok case
Date February 18/19, 1933
Location(s) Parangan & Batubatu, Philippines
Killed 7
Injured 3
Perpetrators Two Moros
Weapon(s) Barong

One February 18/19, 1933 two Moros killed seven people and wounded three others in Parangan and Batubatu, two villages on the island Tawi-Tawi, Philippines, before being killed themselves.[1][2][3][4]

On February 18 a field tax collector named Cagaanan and a policeman travelled to Parangan to collect the cedula, a personal annual tax costing two pesos. Approached a middle-aged man working outside his house, (house on stilts on the seashore) who told Mr. Cagaanan to wait on narrow bridge to his house. Man went inside house, returned, wearing malong, drew a barong concealed under his clothes, killed Cagaanan, who fell into the water.

Man was joined by his nephew, together they rode on a boat to the policeman, whom they killed. Then sailed to Kulape a neighbouring village, where they were given food. Villagers also sent two messengers to Batubatu to warn of the murderers.

Between Kulape and Batubatu attacked the family of teacher Tomas Redoble, who had previosuly been warned by messengers (mother of Maria C. Redoble), but thought to be safe did not tell others. killing three men and the old woman. Mrs. Redoble was wounded in left arm, her brother Enrique was wounded in shoulder, Maria Gabini Redoble fled with her 4-day-old son Tomasito into banana trees, was discovered, wounded seven times, her 11-month-old daughter Anita was wounded by a spear-stab in the butt,

Early Afternoon Feb. 19 came to the house of a Mr. Monteron in Batubatu, where his wife and several neighbours were hiding. Mr. Monteron was out hunting. worrying about husband Mrs. Monteron sent nephew to find him, and a few minutes later a second man, who was chopped in shoulders by the juramentados at the stairs at the back of the house. He did a short while later. The two threatened occupants of the house, but unable to get inside left toward waterfront

Later that afternoon Philippine Constabulary company at Bongao was informed via radio, were eventually shot dead by constabulary soldiers and a policeman.[5]


  • Cagaanan, field tax collector

Those wounded were Maria Gabini Redoble, her daughter Anita, 1, and her brother Enrique.


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