Budhe Singh
Attack information
Date July 10, 1931
Location(s) Siuli Patti Kauria, British Raj
Target(s) Half-brother's family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Kukri

Budhe Singh was an Indian who killed six of his relatives in Siuli Patti Kauria, a village near Lansdowne, Garhwal, British Raj on July 10, 1931.

Singh had a quarrel with his half-brother Prem over some land, and when their dispute resulted in a fight the case was taken to court, where the first hearing was scheduled for July. On the aforementioned date Singh started another quarrel with his half-brother, during which he killed him with a kukri. He then proceeded to kill Prem's wife, two of his sons, and his two daughters, while another of Prem's sons, one of his sons' wife, as well as his brother escaped. Police eventually arrived at the scene, took Budhe into custody after a struggle, and brought him to Lansdowne, where he confessed to the murders.[1]


  • Prem Singh, his half-brother
  • Prem Singh's wife
  • Two of Prem Singh's sons
  • Two of Prem Singh's daughters


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