Charles Layman
Birth name Charles Newton Layman
Born February 19, 1891
Golconda, Illinois, United States

May 1971 (aged 80)
California, United States

Attack information
Date December 16, 1935
Location(s) Los Angeles, California, United States
Target(s) Co-workers
Killed 6
Injured 1
Weapon(s) .30-30 rifle

Charles Newton Layman was an American who killed six people and wounded a seventh in Los Angeles, California, United States on December 16, 1935. He was afterwards arrested and found to be insane.[1][2][3]


  • Pete Coklit, 25
  • Lloyd Davis, 23
  • Lloyd Holden, 36
  • Harold Johnson 27
  • Francis Secrest, 33
  • Harry Sell, 56

Wounded was James Haley, 49. Perry Sproul, 62, fractured his ancle when trying to escape.


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