Christoff Bihl
Christoff Bihl
A drawing from the Wickiana depicting the murders.
Background information
Occupation Cooper

Zabern, Holy Roman Empire

Cause of death Executed
Penalty Sentenced to death
Attack information
Date August 25, 1580
Location(s) Zabern, Holy Roman Empire
Target(s) Family
Killed 9
Weapon(s) Knife
Bare hands

Christoff Bihl was a German cooper who killed his nine children in Zabern, Holy Roman Empire on August 25, 1580. He was arrested, sentenced to death, and executed.



  • Maria Bihl, his daughter
  • Martinus Bihl, his son
  • Wolf Bihl, his son
  • Unnamed boy, 12, his son
  • Unnamed boy, his son
  • Unnamed girl, 8, his daughter
  • Unnamed girl, his daughter
  • Unnamed girl, his daughter
  • Unnamed infant, his child


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