Cirumput amok case
Date February 8, 1988
3 a.m. – 6 a.m.
Location(s) Cirumput, Indonesia
Killed 10
Injured 2
Perpetrator O. L.

During the early hours of February 8, 1988 a woman only identified as O. L. killed ten children and wounded two others in Cirumput, a village in Cianjur Regency, Indonesia.[1]

The woman was believed to be under the influence of black magic, and to help her she was taken by her family to a shaman, who gave them a note with instructions how to cure her. Upon returning home the family followed the procedure which lasted until midnight. Around 3 a.m. the woman told her older sister to carry all the sleeping children in the house, including her own, to a room and cover them with a large sheet. When her request was fulfilled the 35-year-old began praying and as soon as the last prayer had ended she began stomping on the children, who were aged nine months to seven years, for three hours. When the crime was eventually discovered the woman was severly beaten by her neighbours and afterwards taken to hospital, where she claimed that the children were not dead, but in the care of Madam Haji (apparently some kind of spirit) on the summit of Mount Gede. She also related that she was commanded by Madam Haji and that she and her parents would suffer dire consequences, if she did not obey. [2]

Other reports indicated that two women named Olih and Isoh killed the children while in trance when treating Isoh for an unknown ailment.[3]


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