Czesław Konieczny
Occupation Farmer
Born (1904-07-02)July 2, 1904
Pieruszyce, Poland

July 19, 1930(1930-07-19) (aged 26)
Ostrów, Poland

Cause of death Executed
Penalty Sentenced to death
Imprisoned at Ostrów prison
Parents Franciszek Konieczny
Marianna Konieczny
Attack information
Date December 1/2, 1929
Location(s) Pieruszyce, Poland
Target(s) Family
Killed 7
Weapon(s) Axe

Czesław Konieczny was a Polish farmer who killed his mother and six siblings in their sleep in Pieruszyce, Poland during the night from December 1 to December 2, 1929.[1][2][3][4][5]

Killed them, because they opposed marriage. Was arrested, admitted the murders, showed no remorse. Threw axe down a well after murders. His oldest sister had one arm severed, the others skulls crushed, throats cut. Brother Stanisław awoke, tried to escape, was caught and mortally wounded died in hospital. He then escaped, but was arrested soon thereafter. Was held in prison in Pleszew, transferred to prison in Ostrow on December 5.[6][7]

He was sentenced to death once for every murder on May 28,[8] and executed by hanging at the prison in Ostrów on July 19, 1930.[9]



  • Marianna Konieczny, 48, his mother
  • Jan Konieczny, 24, his brother
  • Michał Konieczny, 22, his brother
  • Stanisław Konieczny, 20, his brother
  • Maria Konieczny, 18, his sister
  • Stefan Konieczny, 15, his brother
  • Leokadia Konieczny, 7, his sister


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