Danilo Guades
Danny Guades
Background information
Birth name Danilo Guades
Occupation Unemployed
Born ca. 1968
Attack information
Date June 2, 2007
2 a.m. – 3 a.m.
Location(s) Gadgaran, Philippines
Killed 10
Injured 17
Weapon(s) Bolo

Danilo "Danny" Guades was a Filipino who killed ten people and injured 17 others in barangay Gadgaran, Calbayog City, Philippines on June 2, 2007, before being arrested.


Danny Guades was jailed for seven years at the Caloocan City Jail for stabbing his elder brother Toto to death some time in the 1980s.

He had been married, but his wife died in December 2006. After her death he began to stay at his cousin's house. He had a child, who was in fourth grade at the time of the murders.

Throughout the village Guades was known as a mentally unstable trouble-maker who was often drunk, and sometimes stayed awake for two days, before running to the mangroves to sleep there on the ground for the following two days.

Apparently Guades had also told others that he was being followed by someone.[1]


Danny Guades Bolo

The bolo used by Guades during his rampage.

Guades, who was reportedly drunk, began his rampage at the home of his cousin Emily Guades Ponce. Entering her house at about 2 a.m. he attacked her husband Benjamin with a 22-inch long bolo knife, hitting him in the left shoulder, before turning against her sleeping children, killing her son Eric with a blow to the head and injuring her other son Benjie and her daughter Marylin with hits to the head and arms. Emily Guades Ponce, though also suffering head injuries, managed to jump out of a window and escape.

Subsequently Guades attacked the Jadulco family, living nearby, killing pregnant Gemma Jadulco and five of her children and leaving two others injured, before walking to the Conteras' home. There he killed Candido Conteras, injured his wife Maria, daughter Jennelyn and mortally wounded their son Danilo. In the backyard of the house Guades attacked Carlito Layam, who suffered minor injuries to his right arm, but managed to fight off the attacker.

Afterwards Guades entered the house of Enis Lecis through the window and hit sleeping Eduardo and Enis Lecis in the head, killing Eduardo. At a wake for a member of the Ramada family, where Guades had spent some time drinking earlier,[2] he cut Francisco Ramada's throat, hit Ernesto Ramada's neck and stabbed Armando Ramada into the left side of his body. Michael Caber and Myra Manlapid were also injured, before people attending the wake managed to fight Guades off. Guades fled to a road junction, where he attacked his final victims, Eddie and Jocelyn Gonzaga, who were on a motorcycle. Guades assaulted them with the bolo and a club, hitting Eddie Gonzaga in the arm, jaw and forehead and his wife in her left elbow, before the driver of the motorcycle was able to escape.[1]

Guades finally surrendered himself to Fortunato Burbana, a villager, at about 3 a.m. He stated he surrendered fearing police might chase and kill him. Burbana then turned him over to police, ending Guades' one hour long rampage. At the police station Guades denied killing anyone but his brother years prior to the rampage. He was charged with multiple murder.[2][3]



  • Gemma Jadulco, 32. who was eight months pregnant
  • Jennelyn Jadulco, 12, daughter of Gemma Jadulco
  • Jinggoy Jadulco, 8, son of Gemma Jadulco
  • Renato Jadulco, 3, son of Gemma Jadulco
  • Nadine Jadulco, 2, daughter of Gemma Jadulco
  • Christine Jadulco, 1, daughter of Gemma Jadulco
  • Candido Conteras, 46
  • Danilo Conteras, 12, son of Candido & Maria Conteras
  • Eric Benjamin Ponce, 7, son of Benjamin & Emily Ponce
  • Eduardo Lecis, 35


  • Emily Guades Ponce, 27, a cousin of Danny Guades
  • Benjamin Ponce, 42, husband of Emily Guades Ponce
  • Benjie Ponce, 5, son of Benjamin & Emily Ponce
  • Marilyn Ponce, 3, daughter of Benjamin & Emily Ponce
  • Francisco Ramada, 56
  • Ernesto Ramada, 45
  • Armando Ramada, 35
  • Jocelyn Jadulco, 9, daughter of Gemma Jadulco
  • Joan Jadulco, 4, daughter of Gemma Jadulco
  • Maria Conteras, 37, wife of Candido Conteras
  • Jennelyn Conteras, 16, daughter of Candido & Maria Conteras
  • Eddie Gonzaga
  • Jocelyn Gonzaga
  • Enis Lecis, 54
  • Michael Caber, 31
  • Myra Manlapid, 24
  • Carlito Layam, 46


It was said that Guades apparently had a quarrel with Gemma Jadulco's husband, Totoy, before the rampage, when both were attending the wake.[2]
Police later disclosed that Guades told them he committed the crime to strengthen his amulet, a piece of paper with Latin words on it.[4][5]


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