Delbhog familicide
Date December 8, 1928
Location(s) Delbhog, British Raj
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Dha

On the evening of December 8, 1928 an Indian weaver killed his wife, his mother, and his four sons in Delbhog, a village near Sreenagar, British Raj.

The middle-aged Muslim, who was armed with a dha, first killed his wife with a single stroke, and then murdered his mother when she tried to help her. Afterwards he killed his four sons, aged between three and eleven years, and charged at his neighbours, who had come to investigate, scaring them away. The man next killed his cow and a goat, and set fire to his house, but was eventually overpowered by the other villagers, who then went to extinguish the flames. The murderer was brought to Sreenagar police station where he waited for his transfer to Munshiganj.[1][2][3]


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