Dong Chi

July 10, 1995
Meihekou, China

Cause of death Shot by police
Attack information
Date July 10, 1995
Location(s) Meihekou, China
Target(s) Kindergarten
Killed 1
Injured 16
Weapon(s) Double-barreled shotgun
Garden shears

Dong Chi was a Chinese who killed one person and wounded 16 others at a kindergarten in Meihekou, China on July 10, 1995, before being shot dead by police.

That morning Dong armed himself with a double-barreled shotgun and a pair of garden shears, entered the kindergarten and stabbed 21-year-old teacher Liu Qiuhong when she told him to get out of her classroom. In response to the harming of their teacher the 6-year-old pupils in the room surrounded Dong and began punching and biting him, whereupon he attacked them with the garden shears.

After wounding seven of Liu's students Dong raced up to the third floor of the building where he fired at other children with his shotgun, killing a 6-year-old girl with a shot to the head and causing injuries to eight more.

When police arrived at the scene ten minutes later Dong set fire to the furniture and barricaded himself in a bathroom together with several children he had taken hostage. He was eventually shot dead by police snipers when rushing out of the room, firing his shotgun.[1]


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