Elizabeth Gregor
Born 1919

June 17, 1963(1963-06-17) (aged 44)
Prospect, Pennsylvania, United States

Cause of death Suicide
Spouse(s) Joseph John Gregor
Attack information
Date June 17, 1963
Location(s) Prospect, Pennsylvania, United States
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) 12-gauge shotgun

Elizabeth R. Gregor was an American who killed her husband and five children in Prospect, Pennsylvania, United States on June 17, 1963, before committing suicide.




  • Joseph John Gregor Sr., 53, her husband
  • Joseph John Gregor Jr., 14, her son
  • Thomas John Gregor, 11, her son
  • Rosemary Elizabeth Gregor, 10, her daughter
  • James J. Gregor, 19 months, her son
  • Richard J. Gregor, 19 months, her son


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