Author(s) Bogerts, Bernhard
Peter, Eileen
Year 2012
Title Epidemiologie und Psychopathologie des Amoklaufes
Published in Der Nervenarzt, Vol. 83, No. 1
Pages 57–63
DOI 10.1007/s00115-011-3250-6
Abstract In order to clarify psychosocial and psychopathological components that may contribute to causes of running amok, judgements and forensic-psychiatric certificates of 27 amok runners were examined.

While in the last 20 years there was no increase of amok events in general, a remarkable increase in so-called school shootings occurred; 74% of the culprits had a history of psychiatric disorder, most importantly schizophrenic psychoses, affective disorder or alcoholism. According to the forensic psychiatric certificates, 70% were not or not fully responsible for the crime.

Three prototypes of amok runners were found: (1) adolescents with long-term difficulties at school or apprenticeship and suicidal ideas; (2) persons suffering from paranoid psychoses; and (3) adults with personality disorders after breakdowns of close social relationships. Despite these predisposing factors it remains unknown which pathological conditions of brain function finally cause this most deleterious form of violence.

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