Foong Mok
Occupation Gardener
Penalty Found to be insane
Spouse(s) Lai Yew
Attack information
Date January 16, 1946
Location(s) Boyan, Malaysia
Killed 9
Weapon(s) Changkol

Foong Mok was a Chinese vegetable gardener who killed nine people in Boyan, a kampong near Taiping, Malaysia on January 16, 1946.

Early in the morning of that day Foong threatend to beat up his family. After his wife Lai Yew had left their house in Aow Loong in kampong Boyan, he killed his 55-year-old mother, as well as his 5-year-old son Foong Ah Kian, and then continued his rampage elsewhere to kill another seven people with a changkol (a kind of hoe) and a crowbar. Three of his victims, Ng Inn Yin, Lim Kim Lian, and Yean Sum were brought to hospital, but died shortly thereafter. Foong was eventually arrested at approximately 3 p.m. by two Indian military policemen. He was subsequently sent to hospital for observation and found to be insane.[1][2]


Among those killed were:

  • Foong's mother, 55
  • Foong Ah Kian, 5, Foong's son
  • Chong Soong
  • Lim Kim Lian
  • Ng Inn Yin
  • Ng Tai
  • Yean Sum


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