S.S. Teesta
The S.S. Teesta, where the crime was committed.
Background information
Occupation Coolie
Attack information
Date July 4, 1926
Location(s) S.S. Teesta
Killed 2
Injured 13
Weapon(s) Melee weapon

Gangadharan was an Indian coolie who killed two people and wounded 13 others aboard the BI steamer S.S. Teesta travelling from Port Swettenham to India on July 4, 1926. During the journey Gangadharan, who was from Coimbatore, fell ill and was admitted to the steamer's hospital. Apparently in a delirious fit he began stabbing people, killing in the process the ship's cook and a sweeper, until he was knocked down and disarmed by a woman, while attacking her husband. He was later handed over to police in Negapatam.[1]


  • Madarsa, cook
  • Thopas, sweeper


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