Giuseppe Errigo
Occupation Lawyer
Born ca. 1829

June 25, 1870(1870-06-25) (aged 40)
Casa Taverna, Italy

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date June 25, 1870
Location(s) Casa Taverna, Italy
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Six-shot revolver

Giuseppe Errigo was an Italian lawyer who killed his wife and five children in Casa Taverna near Castel Baronia, Italy during the night of June 25, 1870, before committing suicide.



  • Filomena Riccarino, 35, his wife
  • Grazia Errigo, 12, his daughter
  • Michelangelo Errigo, 8, his son
  • Amelio Errigo, 6, his son
  • Federico Errigo, 4, his son
  • Maria Errigo, 3 months, his daughter


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