Giuseppe Molinari
Giuseppe Molinari
Background information
Born ca. 1931

July 3, 1956(1956-07-03) (aged 25)
Busto Arsizio, Italy

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date July 3, 1956
Location(s) Busto Arsizio, Italy
Killed 4
Injured 6
Weapon(s) Sub-machine gun

Giuseppe Molinari was an Italian baker's boy who killed four people and wounded six others in Busto Arsizio, Italy on July 3, 1956, before committing suicide.[1][2]

On that day Molinari took a sub-machine gun and shot dead baker Agostino Saporiti, his former employer who had discharged him three years prior, as well as his wife and son. He next killed policeman Francesco Nannetti when he tried to arrest him. When Molinari found himself surrounded by police he barricaded himself in the shop and engaged in a shoot-out with law enforcement personnel for two or three hours, wounding six people in the process. Eventually smoke grenades forced him to retreat into a storage room, where he shot himself in the head, when police officers stormed the building.[3][4]


  • Agostino Saporiti, 61
  • Carlotta Budelli, 54, wife of Agostino Saporiti
  • Renzo Saporiti, 34, son of Agostino Saporiti and Carlotta Budelli
  • Francesco Nannetti, 29

Those wounded were:

  • Giovanni Eschillo, 16
  • Luciano Costa, 25
  • Lucio Verrini, 30
  • Rosa Colombo, 34
  • Alberto Tovaglieri, 57
  • Giovanni Spalla, police officer


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