Gondang amok case
Date November 23, 1935
Location(s) Gondang, Dutch East Indies
Killed 13
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Melee weapon

On November 23, 1935 a Sasak killed 13 people and wounded three others in Gondang, a village near Ampenan, Dutch East Indies.[1][2][3]

That night the man, who was from Dasan Kolohtumbuh in Bayan district, had an argument with his wife, because he was dissatisfied how she took care of him. Angered by this he killed her, as well as their two children, and then set their house ablaze.

Afterwards he ran through the village, set fire to other houses, and struck down the people rushing out of the burning buildings. In total he killed thirteen people, of whom three women died in the flames, and wounded three others, while eleven houses, eight barugas (small temples), and seven lumbungs were destroyed.[4][5][6][7][8]

The man, who surrendered himself to police, was sentenced to life imprisonment on January 23, 1936.[9][10]


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