Guo Zhongmin
Guo Zhongmin
Background information
Birth name Guo Zhongmin
Born June 24, 1966
People's Republic of China

February 23, 2003(2003-02-23) (aged 36)
People's Republic of China

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date February 18, 2003
15:00 - 16:30
Location(s) Yangxiaoxiang, People's Republic of China
Killed 13
Weapon(s) Knife

Guo Zhongmin (June 24, 1966 - February 23, 2003) was a Chinese who killed 13 people in Yangxiaoxiang, a village in Huludao, People's Republic of China on February 18, 2003, before committing suicide.

Due to a land dispute with three neighbours he armed himself with a knife and a stick, entered their homes and stabbed or beat a total of 13 people, all of them fatally, before he fled and hid in the mountains. Searched by more than 1000 police officers Guo eventually committed suicide by swallowing pesticide when he was surrounded on February 23.[1][2]


  • Liu Changrui (刘长瑞), 62
  • Liu Changyu (刘长玉), 59, wife of Liu Changrui
  • Liu Yumei (刘玉梅), 39, daughter of Liu Changrui
  • Liu Meng (刘猛), 24, daughter of Liu Changrui
  • Grandson of Liu Changrui, 12
  • Granddaughter of Liu Changrui, 5
  • Nephew of Liu Changrui
  • Niece of Liu Changrui
  • Guo Zhongren (郭忠仁), Guo's cousin
  • Wife of Guo Zhongren
  • Son of Guo Zhongren
  • Zhang Baohua (张宝华)
  • Li Guoren (李国仁), Zhang Baohua's brother-in-law


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