Author(s) Holmes, Stephen T.
Holmes, Ronald M.
Year 2011
Published in Bryant, Clifton D. (ed.): The Routledge Handbook of Deviant Behaviour; Routledge, New York.
ISBN 9780415482745
Pages 518–526
Abstract The crime of homicide is a topic that has galvanized the attention of the American public and international audiences for the better part of the last 30 years. It is generally defined as the "killing of one human being by another." Homicide can occur as a result of a disagreement between two people, a lover's quarrel, or a crime gone wrong. It can also be a premeditated act, as in cases of serial or mass murder.

It is not necessary to look too far to see how it has influenced our society. If one looked at the bestseller lists, one is sure to find a book on a serial or mass killer. Further, when we scan our TV guides for shows to watch this week, inevitably some of the most popular and highly rated programs involve a police agency or profiler working to solve the heinous works of a homicide offender or serial killer. Further, some of the serial and mass murderers of years past are now household names. Any adult or college-aged student is likely to know more about Ted Bundy than about the current leaders of the US House and Senate.

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