Ethnicity Malay
Occupation Doctor

June 4, 1901

Cause of death Killed
Attack information
Date June 4, 1901
8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Location(s) Singapore
Killed 8-9
Injured 6-7
Weapon(s) Spear

Ibrahim was a Malay quack doctor who killed at least eight people and wounded at least six others in Rochor, Singapore on June 4, 1901, before he was fatally hit on the head by a civilian.[1][2][3][4]

At the time Ibrahim had lived in a house at No. 2 Little Cross Street for about two months and made a living as a sort of doctor who reportedly tried to cure his patients with peculiar devices.

On June 4, between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., he took a sharp spear head, fastened it to a long pole and fatally wounded a woman named Tasmia in his residence by stabbing her in the stomach. While his victim dropped dead after rushing out into the street, and the other occupants of the building fled, Ibrahim broke through a wooden partition into No. 3 Little Cross Street, where a Malay family resided. Most members of the family managed to escape in time, but a man named Hadji Ali was killed by a stab in the back, while he was sitting in a chair, and a woman named Kateja died after having her stomach cut open and being stabbed again when she fell to the ground.

Ibrahim then went out into the street where he chased a Malay boy named Eusope into a corner and killed him with several spear thrusts. His next victim was a Malay named Jah Kasah, who died immediately after being stabbed in the neck and having his jugular vein severed.

Turning into Arab Street Ibrahim chased another Malay, slashed him over the head, and then killed him by stabbing him in the body. After dangerously wounding a Chinaman named Chu Ka Kee by stabbing him in the left side, he went down Haji Lane where he indiscriminately hacked at people, until he was approached by a Bengali cattle tender who hit him on the head with a coolie's carrying pole and left him lying in the drain with a fractured skull. The Bengali reportedly was handed about $100 by several Chinese and other people present and then disappeared.[5]

By that time an alarm was raised and eventually a Bengali constable arrived at the scene, took Ibrahim into custody, and with the help of several bystanders managed to put him into a riksha. Ibrahim died on his way to the police station of his head injury.[6]

Ten people were brought to the General Hospital, where one of them reportedly died shortly therafter.[7] Two more, a Kling and a Chinese, died within the next 24 hours, while the seven remaining victims at that time were still in serious condition, with several of them being critical.[8][9] On June 6 a ninth fatality was reported,[10] though it is uncertain if the article referred to one of the previous victims and counted Ibrahim among the dead. At the time six people were still in hospital, all of whom were expected to survive.[11]


Among those killed were:

  • Eusope
  • Hadji Ali
  • Jah Kasah
  • Kateja
  • Tasmia


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