Indonesian Social Evolution: Some Psychological Considerations
Author(s) Justus Maria Van der Kroef
Published 1958
Publisher C. P. J. Van der Peet
Country Netherlands
Pages 189

Indonesian Social Evolution: Some Psychological Considerations is a book by Justus Maria Van der Kroef, published by C. P. J. Van der Peet, Amsterdam in 1958.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter* Page
Chapter I: Ego and Primeval Commune
1. The Phylogenetic inheritance
2. Psychoanalysis and History
3. The Matriarchy-Patriarchy interaction
4. Father and Mother Images
5. Matriarchy-Patriarchy displacement equilibrium in Indonesian societies
6. Koro
7. Matriarch-Patriarchy euqilibrium in Javanese society
8. Amok
9. Psychological aspects of Indonesian child rearing techniques
10. Child rearing among the Balinese and the Mentawei; cultural – psychological consequences
11. The evolution of the Ego and mythological corrolaries; the Sosom ritual of the Marind-anim
12. Conclusion
Chapter II: Patriarchate and Super Ego
1. The Indonesian national character
2. Hindu-Indian influence and psychological consequences
3. Islam
4. Psychological...
Chapter III:
Chapter IV: The Reconstruction of Society
1. Nature of the Indonesian Crisis
2. Changes in social stratification and their psychological consequences
3. Political aims and the needs of reconstruction
4. Cultural synthesis; the Mexican experience
5. Conclusion

*Chapters are incomplete.

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