Jabung amok case
Date 1876
Location(s) Jabung, Dutch East Indies
Killed 8
Injured 8
Weapon(s) Kris

In 1876 eight people were killed and eight more wounded in Jabung, a village in Probolinggo Regency, Dutch East Indies by a native.

The man had been travelling together with a friend for a couple of days, and upon returning home asked his wife for some rice. When she replied that she had nothing to eat, since he had left her with neither rice, nor money, he got angry, took a kris from the wall, and yelled "then it is better for us to die". Frightened by his wrath his wife grabbed their child and fled, though the man rushed out into the street and stabbed anyone who crossed his path, until he was eventually overwhelmed, and beaten so severely that it was feared he would die of his injuries.[1][2]


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