James E. Paul
Occupation Soldier
Born ca. 1947
Penalty Sentenced to 22 years in prison
Attack information
Date May 16, 1970
Location(s) Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Target(s) Soldiers
Killed 2
Injured 10
Weapon(s) M-16

James E. Paul was an American soldier who killed two people and wounded ten others at the 25th Infantry Division base camp near Tay Ninh, Vietnam on May 16, 1970.[1][2][3][4]

SP4 Paul, a member of the 125th Signal Battalion, was from Alamagordo, New Mexico. That evening a company, which had just returned from fighting in Cambodia, wanted to watch a show at an outdoor bleacher. Several soldiers from other units, inlcuding Paul, wanted to join them, but were told to leave, when some of the members of the company objected to their presence. A short scuffle ensued, after which the men left, but apparently they were angry about their expulsion, and when one of them stated that they should take revenge later, Paul replied "I'm not going to wait!"

The 22-year-old went to fetch an M-16 assault rifle, and a couple of minutes later returned to the bleacher and opened fire on the soldiers present. Afterwards he headed back to his room, where he told his roommate Edward F. Lane: "I just shot some 'rabbits'," and put his weapon under his bunk, before they went together to the "Free World Club" in Tay Ninh. Asked by Lane, if he had aimed when shooting, Paul noted that he had targeted a sergeant with a gun, but didn't hit him.[5]

Paul was later arrested, but maintained his innocence. During his trial he did not testify, and on September 14 the same year he was found guilty of two counts of voluntary manslaughter and ten counts of assault with intent to commit voluntary manslaughter. He was dishonorably discharged from service and sentenced to 22 years confinement at hard labor.[6][7]


  • Sergeant Joe Edward Raber, 19[8]
  • Corporal Gary Richard White, 22[9]


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