József Meneder
Birth name Jožef Jožefa Meneder
Ethnicity Hungarian
Occupation Soldier
Born ca. 1970
Bajša, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

June 3, 1993(1993-06-03) (aged 22)
Vranje, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date June 3, 1993
2:15 a.m.
Location(s) Vranje, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Target(s) Soldiers
Killed 7
Injured 4
Weapon(s) Automatic rifle

Jožef Jožefa Meneder (Serbian: Јожеф Јожефа Менедер, Hungarian: József Meneder) was a Yugoslav soldier who killed seven people and wounded four others at the military barracks of the Južnomoravske Brigade in Vranje, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on June 3, 1993.[1][2]

Meneder, an ethnic Hungarian from Bajša and tank gunner of the brigade, was kept in confinement as disciplinary punishment after previous attacks on his comrades. Some time after midnight on the aforementioned date he managed to escape from his cell through a window and went to the repository of the fire station, where he procured an axe. Subsequently he waited near the gate until guard Goran Antic walked by, whereupon he struck Antic down with a hit on the head, which was deflected by his helmet, and shoulder.

Grabbing the guard's service rifle Meneder then headed for the third barracks. Arriving there at about 2:15 a.m. he first attacked Aleksandar Stojanović in the corridor and then gunned down Milivoje Miladinović, before entering the dormitory of the 2nd company where he openend fire on the sleeping soldiers. In total the 22-year-old fired 24 rounds, killing six people on the spot, fatally wounding another, and injuring four more, before committing suicide. Among the dead was a staff sergeant.[3][4][5][6][7]

Meneder reportedly was a fan of horror films and heavy metal music and was a member of a satanic group called "Loša vera," which allegedly met at cemeteries where they made sacrifices to the devil. The military police investigation found on his left arm a tattoo with the date "June 3, 1993" and satanic symbols in his home.[8][9][10]


Among the dead and wounded were:

  • Goran Antic (Горан Антић)
  • Milivoje Miladinović (Миливоје Миладиновић)
  • Aleksandar Stojanović (Александар Стојановић)


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