José Casas Novas
Jose Casas Novas
Casas Novas in hospital after his suicide attempt.
Background information
Birth name José Emidio Casas Novas
Occupation Farmer
Attack information
Date September 11, 1912
Location(s) Arraiolos, Portugal
Target(s) Santos Taboleiro family
Killed 7

José Emidio Casas Novas was a Portuguese farmer who killed seven members of the Taboleiro family by cutting their throats in Arraiolos, Portugal on September 11, 1912.

Casas Novas, a neighbour of the family, killed Constança Taboleiro, together with her baby son Alvaro, while she was washing clothes in a river. The bodies of her four other children, two boys and two girls, were found nearby, while the body of her husband was found some distance away on the roadside. After the murders Casas Novas escaped and was searched by troops, while guards were sent to the home of the eldest son of the Taboleiro's, because it was feared that Casas Novas would attempt to kill him, too.

Around 11 p.m. he attempted to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train, but was rescued by bystanders and taken to the local hospital, before being transferred to a hospital in Évora. Upon notification authorities were immediately dispatched to the hospital to interrogate him, whereupon he confessed to the crime.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


  • Mr. Santos Taboleiro
  • Constança Taboleiro, Taboleiro's wife
  • Alvaro Taboleiro, Taboleiro's son
  • Joel Taboleiro, Taboleiro's son
  • José Taboleiro, Taboleiro's son
  • Micaela Taboleiro, Taboleiro's daughter
  • Tereza Taboleiro, Taboleiro's daughter


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