Jose Ambata
Occupation Police officer
Attack information
Date March 11, 1971
Location(s) Tagaytay, Philippines
Target(s) Policemen
Killed 6
Injured 2
Weapon(s) Automatic weapon

Jose Ambata was a Filipino police constable who killed six people and seriously wounded two others in Tagaytay, Philippines on March 11, 1971.[1]

At that time Ambata, a member of the Philippine National Police was on an operation against bandits. He reportedly was despondent about an upcoming murder trial, in which he was charged with the death of a policeman in Cavite City several months prior.

Late on the aformentioned day Ambata was half-asleep in a jeep in front of the Lourdes Church, when he apparently heard some of his colleagues joking about firing their weapons. Thereupon he jumped out of the vehicle and began shooting with an automatic weapon.

After killing four policemen and two bystanders, and wounding two other people Ambata fled towards Talisay, Batangas, where he was captured three days later. In custody he stated that he had shot his victims in self-defense, because they were plotting to kill him. He was charged with multiple murder and double frustrated murder.[2][3][4]


  • Technical sergeant Sulficio Escalante
  • Sergeant Guillermo Esmilla
  • Constable Nicolas Malimban
  • Staff sergeant Gregorio Roma
  • Pio Humarang, 45
  • Antonio Layoson, 43

Those wounded were Esteban Obveros, 45, and Salvador Lazarito.


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