Juan de Jesús Lozano Velásquez
Born ca. 1974
Penalty Sentenced to 40 years in prison
Attack information
Date June 24, 2000
11:45 p.m.
Location(s) Bogotá, Colombia
Killed 11
Injured 7
Weapon(s) Uzi

Juan de Jesús Lozano Velásquez was a Colombian who killed eleven people and wounded seven others, when firing with an Uzi at revelers at the Reminiscencias dance club in Bogotá, Colombia on June 24, 2000, after a girl refused to dance with him. The 26-year-old then escaped, but was eventually arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison.[1]


  • Carlos Arturo Aristizábal, 34, owner of the bar
  • Ricardo Javier Ariza Gil, 28
  • Rafael María Avila Barrios, 53
  • Julián Andrés Barbosa González, 22
  • Juan Carlos Bedoya, 27
  • Nelson Orlando Castro, 22
  • Néstor Alberto Granada, 28
  • Marta Liliana Londoño Castro, 32
  • Consuelo Patricia Menjura, 41
  • Javier Darío Moreno Millán, 35
  • John Jairo Ospina, 24, nephew of Carlos Aristizábal

Those wounded were: Rodrigo Aristizábal, 39, Jhon Jairo Bedoya, 34, Camilo José Moreno, 22, Kelly Fernanda Ospina Orozco, 20, Oscar Iván Ospina, 19, Arley Pinzón, 29, Fabián Alberto Granada, 36.[2]


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