Kajiado familicide
Date June 11/14 2005
Location(s) Mulangoni & Rombo, Kenya
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Machete

Between June 11 and June 14, 2005 a Kenyan killed six of his relatives in two attacks in Mulangoni, a village in Makueni District and Rombo, a village near Loitokitok, Kenya .

About a year prior to the murders the 25-year-old had an argument with his wife, with whom he had been married for four years, whereupon she returned to her parents in Makueni District, and according to tradition, he had to pay a fine of three goats, if he wanted her back. To raise the neccessary money the man joined his brother in Loitokitok, where he rented land, and a few weeks before the murders harvested some 130 kg of beans. Afterwards he returned to Makueni to pay the fine, but his wife rejected him again, on the grounds that he had molested her in the past.

Some time between June 11 and June 12 the man killed his 23-year-old wife and their two-year-old son at their home in Mulangoni village, Matiliku Division by cutting their throats and subsequently fled to his elder brother in Rombo village, Loitokitok, pretending that he wanted to pay him a visit. The bodies of his wife and child were found by a relative on June 12.

When the man asked his brother for the 40 kg of beans he had left with him, his brother told him that they had been stolen. Suspecting that his brother had stolen the beans, the man woke at 3 a.m. on June 14, armed himself with a machete, crept to the bedroom where his brother, the latter's wife, and their two daughters were sleeping, and slit their throats. He then escaped. The bodies of the family were discovered the following morning by another brother who had arrived to bring the news of the first murders.

When the incident was reported to Loitokitok police they alerted the neighbouring police station and the killer was arrested on his way to Taita-Taveta. He was initially held at Loitokitok police station, but when his relatives arrived to see him, he fainted and was rushed to hospital.[1][2]


  • His wife, 23
  • His son, 2
  • His brother
  • His sister-in-law
  • His two nieces


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