Khalid Ali
Attack information
Date August 14/15, 2001
Location(s) Chak 113/DB, Pakistan
Target(s) Family
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Pistol

Khalid Ali (also identified as Muhammad Khalid) was a Pakistani who killed eight members of his family at a house in Chak 113/DB, Yazman, Pakistan during the night from August 14 to August 15, 2001.[1]

On the evening of August 14, Ali drugged his victims and shot them with a pistol later that night, before escaping. Those killed were variously identified as four of his sisters, a brother, a brother-in-law, a nephew, and a niece, or his three daughters, his brother's wife, two of his sisters' husbands, his nephew, and his niece.

According to early reports Ali, who was the head of the family after the death of his parents, disapproved of the relationship of his sister Ishrat Bibi with Abdul Jabbar, whom she had married in 1997 without his consent, and killed them and the other family members because of that.[2][3][4]

Khalid was arrested in Fateh Pur in April 2006, and according to his own testimony he was working in Karachi when his father died. Upon returning home he found that his entire family engaged in immoral activities and his sisters and sister-in-law were visited by men in his house. He also discovered that his father had been murdered by his sisters and brothers-in-law, because he wanted to stop their business.[5]


  • Ishrat Bibi/Naz, his sister/sister-in-law
  • Abdul/Mohammad Jabbar, his brother-in-law
  • Rashid Ali, his brother/brother-in-law
  • Kishwar Bibi, his sister/daughter
  • Shakila Bibi, his sister/daughter
  • Imran, his nephew
  • Zara/Neenan, his niece
  • Zarina/Rozina, his sister/daughter


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