Kondi Ouatara
Camp de Sainte Marthe
The entrance of Camp de Ste. Marthe, the place of the murders, around 1936.
Background information
Occupation Soldier
Born ca. 1890
French Senegal
Penalty Life imprisonment
Attack information
Date April 20, 1923
Location(s) Camp de Sainte-Marthe, France
Target(s) Soldiers
Killed 2+
Injured 10
Weapon(s) Bayonet

Kondi Ouatara (also identified as Koudy Ouattara) was a Senegalese tirailleur who killed at least two people and wounded ten others, many of them seriously, at Camp de Sainte-Marthe near Marseille, France on April 20, 1923.

Ouatara arrived from Conakry on April 15 and immediately was the subject of his comrades' teasing, which deeply upset and infuriated him. The day prior to the murders he was led to believe that he would be shot, which distressed him to such a degree that he was plagued by nightmares. On the morning of April 20, after the reveille, the 32-year-old grabbed a bayonet, and cut the throats of his two bedfellows in the dormitory of the Senegalese troops, killing the first, and fatally wounding the second. Afterwards Ouatara attacked the other soldiers and wounded ten of them, before they managed to subdued him.[1][2][3]

While the number of wounded was consistently given as ten, reports about the death toll varied. While some newspapers reported two people killed, identifying them as Amadine Samabe and Jacques Lale,[4] others stated that three soldiers died in the incident,[5][6] naming them variously as Amadine Simani, Sama Felo and Sabou Teli,[7], and Amadine Samabe, Jacques Lale, and Sama Folo.[8]

On September 12 the same year Ouatara was sentenced by the council of war in Marseille to life imprisonment with hard labour for the murder of two of his comrades, and was spared the death penalty only, because it was found that he was insane.[9][10][11] He was then sent to a prison colony in Cayenne, French Guiana.[12]


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