Author(s) Álvarez, José Maria
Year 1998
Title Líneas de interpretación del "caso Wagner"
Published in Gaupp, Robert: El Caso Wagner; Asociacion Española de Neuropsiquiatria, Madrid.
ISBN 9788492163380
Also published in Psiquiatría Pública (1999), Vol. 11. No. 1. (pp. 11-18)
Link [1]
Abstract Interpretations of the Wagner case. Unfortunately little-known in our small world of psuchopathology, Robert Gaupp’s “Wagner Case” enables us to penetrate the psychological structure of a type of paranoid psychosis characterised by the systematisation of the criminal act rather than by the construction of a perfectly designed system of delirium. With the recent Spanish translation of Gaupp’s excellent monograph Zür Psychologie des Massenmords. Hauptlehrer Wagner von Degerloch (1914), an analysis is made of the vicissitudes of the interior drama of this paranoid murderer, following Professor Gaupp’s many publications, while also outlining another possible interpretation, to the effect that performance of the criminal act was not the consequence of the delirium but rather, on the contrary, of the absence of a delirium capable of delaying it indefinitely.
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