Lahore familicide
Date November 8, 1933
Location(s) Lahore, British Raj
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Double-barreled shotgun

On November 8, 1933 an Indian lambardar killed six of his relatives and two other people in a village about thirty miles from Lahore, British Raj.

The lambardar had a dispute about land with his cousin Sudagar Singh, and when Singh threatened him with a kirpan during one of their altercations, he seized a double-barreled shotgun and killed him, before entering Singh's house, where he shot dead his son and seriously injured his wife. Within the next two hours[1] the murderer also killed Singh's mother and a 4-year-old boy when they were returning from the fields, as well as a friend of Singh, and two boys belonging to Singh's household. He then fled into the jungle, but surrendered to police the next day. At that time he was still armed with his gun and sixteen rounds of ammunition.[2][3]

The man was charged with eight counts of murder[4][5] and sentenced to death by the District Judge of Lahore on May 7, 1934.[1]


  • Sudagar Singh, his cousin
  • Singh's wife
  • Singh's son
  • Singh's mother
  • Two boys
  • A friend of Singh
  • A 4-year-old boy

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  • Mahomed Barkat, a man who killed eight of his relatives near Lahore in 1937


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