Letipea amok case
Date August 8, 1976
2:30 a.m.
Location(s) Letipea, Soviet Union
Killed 7-11
Injured 13-18
Perpetrator Border guard
Weapon(s) Automatic rifle

On August 8, 1976 a border guard killed at least seven people and wounded up to 18 others in Letipea, Estonian SSR, Soviet Union.

On that day the border guard, who was supposedly an ethnic Russian, together with a colleague visited a dance held at a vacation camp of workers from a shale pit, but since both of them were drunk and didn't behave properly, they were soon told by the workers to leave.

Enraged the Russian guard took his machine gun, which was reportedly loaded with explosive bullets, and first shot at the people around him, and then upon the tents. He also killed his colleague when he tried to disarm him, and eventually committed suicide. Besides the two border guards six people died at the scene, and 18 others were wounded, three of whom reportedly died in hospital.

After the incident a commission from Leningrad was dispatched to the crime scene, with the Soviet authorities attempting to cover up the incident.[1][2]


  • Urmas Ivask
  • Tõnis Nurk
  • Anatoli Paas
  • Evi Riazantseva
  • Elmar-Johannes Roosa
  • Ferdinand Tulit
  • Unidentified soldier


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