Lin Shan-mu
Lin Shan-mu
Background information
Occupation Ship engineer
Born ca. 1932
Penalty Sentenced to death
Attack information
Date September 15, 1970
Location(s) Fishing vessel "Hsin Hai No. 2"
Target(s) Ship's crew
Killed 21
Injured 5
Weapon(s) Ammonia

Lin Shan-mu (also spelled Lin Shan Mo) was a Taiwanese ship engineer who killed 21 people and wounded five others aboard the fishing vessel "Hsin Hai No. 2" off the Brazilian coast on September 15, 1970. Some sources stated the incident occurred on September 25.[1][2][3]

That night Lin, the second engineer of the ship, locked the captain and the 25 other members of the crew into their quarters and then gassed them with ammonia, which was used for freezing fish. He ignored their cries for help, and when he eventually opened the door the captain and 20 crewmen were already dead. He then forced the five survivors to throw the bodies overboard. One of the five jumped into the ocean two days later, because he couldn't endure the pain of his injuries. After aimlessly drifting for a week, the ship reached a small island off the Brazilian coast, whereupon one of the remaining crew swam ashore and called for help.

Lin was arrested and taken back to Taiwan in late December, where he was tried before the Taipei District Court. Throughout the trial he claimed that he didn't know that ammonia could be lethal and that he merely wanted to punish the others, because they had pushed him around a lot and he was tired of being reprimanded. Nonetheless, the 38-year-old was found guilty of 21 counts of murder, and was also held responsible for the death of the man jumping overboard. He was sentenced to death on January 23, 1971, and the penalty was confirmed by the Supreme Court in March the same year.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]


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