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Luiz Gonzaga Pereira dos Santos
Luiz Gonzaga Pereira dos Santos
dos Santos on an undated photo.
Background information

March 3, 1981
João Pessoa, Brazil

Cause of death Shot dead
Attack information
Date June 29, 1979
6:30 p.m.
Location(s) Princesa Isabel, Brazil
Target(s) de Almeida family
Killed 7
Weapon(s) Revolver
Motive Revenge

Luiz Gonzaga Pereira dos Santos (aka. Gonzaga da Cacimba) was a Brazilian mass murderer who killed a family of seven in Princesa Isabel, Brazil, on June 29, 1979. He was killed on a siege on March 3, 1981.[1]


Luiz Gonzaga Pereira dos Santos 2

dos Santos.

Santos, who was enraged because his daughter had lost her virginity to one of the José Alves de Almeida family's sons, João Alves de Almeida. João was wanting to marry Santos's daughter, but the daughter had fallen in love with other men, and the marriage was undone.[2]

Santos was described as a bad character person, who lived on a group of rogues, and was interested in gambling.[3] He was also credited with four other murders and other crimes in the city of Pernambuco and Paraíba.[1]

Santos was said to have a strong hatred for de Almeida family, having a quarrel on him for over five years, and had always said that he was going to have revenge.[2]


De Almeida house

The house of de Almeida family.

On approximately 6:30 p.m., June 29, 1979, Santos, armed with a revolver, entered de Almeida house in Princesa Isabel, the family was eating at the time, after he intruded Almeida's house, he ordered the family to lean against the wall,[1] and then began shooting them, all of them fatally. Santos also searched for João, who had seduced his daughter, but was not in the house at the time. Santos then fled.[2][4][5][6][7]

One kid, Francisco de Assis de Almeida Santos, 13, hid behind a door, passed behind Santos,[7][1] and escaped, running to the house of Aluisio Ferreira da Silva, circa 500 meters, Ferreira da Silva, went to the house to see what happened, and was threatened to be shot by Santos, Santos ordered to Ferreira da Silva get out of the house, saying "se ficar na minha frente, morre também" (If you keep standing in front of me, you die too.).[7][1]

Escaping with de Assis de Almeida, Ferreira da Silva contacted the authorities, on 9:15 p.m., 60 police officers, commanded by Colonel Mauricio Leite and by local Delegate Adelino Ferreira da Silva, began searching for Santos, with no success.[1]

The victims were buried on Triunfo's Cemetery on 10:30 a.m., an employee of a bank establishment, requested donations for buying coffins for the victims, and was received by the population.[1]

An extensive search for Santos was initiated, which finally ended on March 3, 1981.[1]

Worried because Santos was being searched for by 23,450 furious villagers, Judge Luiz Carlos Santos, who accumulated the comarca of Princesa Isabel, contacted the Segurança Pública da Paraibá to give Santos the "guarantees of justice" fearing that Santos be found and lynched by the population of the region, who was furious about the crime.[3]

Siege and deathEdit

On Poção, Pernambuco, March 3, 1981, Santos's house was surrounded by the 3° Batalhão da PMPE and the Paraiba's authorities, Santos resisted and began a shootout with the police,[1] claiming that he had a child with him, and that he was not a violent criminal, that would not take his life, because he committed several crimes on regions of Pernambuco and Paraíba and had a preventive detention decreed, and for that reason, he wanted to leave from the house dead.

He released one of his 25-year-old sons, who he demanded to close all the house, and said "agora estou pronto, nunca me entregarei vivo." (Now I'm ready, I'll never give myself up alive.)[1] For approximately 11 hours, Santos opened his one of his house windows, and said who would only leave with Captain Medeiros, who approached Santos, Medeiros tried to convince the gunman to surrender to the police, Santos responded "não havia jeito" (There's no way.) and that in anyway he would surrender.[1]

Learning that the gunman would not surrender with his life, Captain Medeiros ordered the Batalhão da Policía Militar de Pernambuco in Garanhuns tear gas bombs,[1] on 14 hours, they requested again for Santos to surrender, but was again unsuccessful. According to seargeant João Gomes de Souza, it was finally resolved to thrown tear gas bombs onto Santos house, Santos responded the police and jumped the window of his house and began shooting at João Gomes de Souza, injuring him. This response caused the police to shoot at Santos, killing him with 20 bullets, and without the conditions of receiving an emergency of injuries.[1]


After the shootout, Santos was taken to Monteiro, Paraíba municipality, while Gomes de Souza was taken to the Hospital de Arcoverde, posteriorly to the Centro Hospitalar da Polícia Militar de Pernambuco, on Derby, Recife.[1]

For killing seven persons, Santos gained notoriety with the name "Mata-Sete" (Kill-Seven) or "Monstro de Princesa" (Princesa's Monster) given by the newspaper O NORTE.[1]

An book, based on the murders of Santos, "Mata Sete" o monstro de Sertão o assassino de um familia em Princesa Isabel, made by Antonio Patricio de Souza, was published in 1979.[8]


  • José Alves de Almeida, 56
  • Marcionila Alves de Almeida, 56, José Alves wife
  • Maria da Gloria, 18
  • Maria de Fatima, 17
  • Maria Aparecida, 12
  • Francisco de Assis, 10
  • Vital José Alves de Almeida, 7


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