Lynwood Drake
Lynwood Crumpler Drake
Background information
Birth name Lynwood Crumpler Drake III
Occupation Actor
Born (1949-10-10)October 10, 1949
Norfolk, Virginia, United States

November 8, 1992(1992-11-08) (aged 43)
San Miguel, California, United States

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date November 7/8, 1992
6 p.m. – 5 a.m.
Location(s) Morro Bay, Paso Robles & San Miguel, California, United States
Killed 6
Injured 2
Weapon(s) Blackjack
.32 caliber Smith & Wesson Model 30 revolver
12-gauge shotgun

Lynwood Crumpler Drake III (October 10, 1949 – November 8, 1992) was an American actor who killed six people and wounded one other at two homes in Morro Bay and a card-playing club in Paso Robles, California, United States on November 7, 1992. He then drove to another house in San Miguel, where he took the owner hostage, before committing suicide the next morning.[1]


Lynwood Drake and Linda Evans

Drake together with actress Linda Evans in the 1980s.

Drake, who was born on October 10, 1949, at one time lived in Redondo Beach, California and later moved to Morro Bay.[2] He worked as a bartender, caterer and construction worker, but also attended acting classes in New York, and had a minor role in the film The World According to Garp,[3] however, at the time of the shooting he was unemployed and lived off of disability and his girlfriend's welfare. Drake suffered from cancer in one leg and underwent surgery seven times, but according to his doctors his condition was not life threatening.[4]

In June 1991 he was arrested for assaulting a day-care worker after his daughter had suffered a cut in a fall. He was sentenced to one year's probation and ordered to complete a mental health program for aggressive people, though there was no indication that he ever did so.[5]

In May 1992 Drake was evicted from his rental home by his landlord, Andrew Zatko, for not paying his rent for several months, whereupon his common-law wife left him, together with their infant daughter.[6] In October he had to appear in court in the eviction proceeding.[7]

He often frequented local card clubs, and two days prior to the shooting played poker for 15 hours at Oak's Card Parlor, where he lost all of his remaining money and was refused credit.[8] Afterwards he reportedly "wept like a baby." In the days prior to the murders Drake also called his estranged wife in North Dakota to inquire about the well-being of their daughter.[2][4]

Drake, who was known as "Crazy Jim" by locals, was said to have often related to others that someday he would kill his enemies and himself. The last time he did so was one day before the shootings, but as he was regarded a "nut" nobody took his threats seriously. According to investigators and acquaintances Drake was a man who felt wronged by almost everyone he met.[9][10]

Shooting spreeEdit

The shooting started shortly before 6 p.m. at a house in Morro Bay, California where Drake killed 80-year-old Andrew Zatko in the presence of his live-in companion Gladys Walton, by shooting him in the throat at close range with a revolver. Drake afterwards went to the home of another of Zatko's former tenants, 37-year-old Norman Metcalfe, who had testified against him at the court proceeding for his eviction and had further helped Zatko by removing Drake from his property. At 6:24 p.m., when Metcalfe came home accompanied by two other men, Drake killed him with a shot between the eyes. He also killed 32-year-old Danny Cizek and wounded Jeffrey Sidlin, 27, in the arm, during a struggle over his gun.

At about 11:45 p.m., Drake drove to Oak's Card Parlor in Paso Robles, where he had lost several hundred dollars and had been barred for troublemaking and cheating. There he opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun, killed dealers David Law, 47, and Joe Garcia, 60, and also fatally wounded a customer, 31-year-old Kris Staub, while sparing others who begged for their lives.

Finally he made his way to the home of 60-year-old Joanne Morrow – also a former landlord of his – in San Miguel, and, beating her with a blackjack on the head and threatening to kill her, he took her hostage. At approximately 5 a.m. on November 8, the house being surrounded by police, Drake committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with his .32-caliber six-shot revolver, while talking to a hostage negotiator on the phone.[5][6][7][10][11][12]

According to police, Drake had planned to kill two other people that day, his pastor and the day-care worker he held responsible for his daughter's injury, an intent that was hampered by problems with his car.[9]


  • Danny Cizek, 32
  • Joe Garcia, 60
  • David Law, 47
  • Norman Metcalfe, 37
  • Kris Staub, 30
  • Andrew Zatko, 80

Those wounded were Jeffrey Sidlin, 27 and Joanne Morrow, 60.

Suicide noteEdit

In a suicide note he had written after the first three murders, and which was later found in his pocket, Drake identified himself as Jesse Cole Younger, apparently in allusion to the outlaw and member of the Jesse James gang Cole Younger, and blamed those, who had become his first victims, for the estrangement from his girlfriend and daughter, writing "I Jesse Cole Younger killed 3 men because they took my wife, family and daughter from me."

Furthermore he harshly criticized his mother, his father, whom he called the "dead old man who came from hell," a sister, and his in-laws, holding them responsible for his troubles and stated that "I have been persecuted my whole life by people." Drake ended his note with the words: "They refused to help. Damn the American family to hell. God forgive me."[9][10][2][13]


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