Martin Phillip Parkinson
Occupation Medical Student
Born ca. 1952

September 7, 1974(1974-09-07) (aged 22)
Glen Waverley, Australia

Cause of death Shot by police
Attack information
Date September 7, 1974
11:50 a.m. – 4:16 p.m.
Location(s) Malvern & Glen Waverley, Australia
Killed 1
Injured 12
Weapon(s) Milk bottle

Martin Phillip Parkinson was an Australian medical student who killed one person and wounded twelve others in Malvern and Glen Waverley, Australia on September 7, 1974, before being shot dead by police.[1][2]


Was a student at Monash University since 1970, was shot twice by , was described by colleagues as quiet and conscientous[3]

had a skiing accident at Mt. Buller on August 28, was hit on the head by a ski towbar when trying to get up, headcut, had to be stitched. complained about severe headaches since then, was treated by doctor. [4]

Lived in Vermont, had stepfather James Hinton, left parents home two months prior, lived in Armadale, shared a house with four other students of Monash University. decribed as quiet and reserved, was well-liked by people, had many friends, enjoyed working with patients who said he was very gentle and kind, worked at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Hospital in Koonil Crescent, East Malvern as a part time ward assisstant, liked reading and golf, detested television violence,[5]

On November 1, 1973 appeared in court charged with assault with intent to commit rape on a woman in Mitcham, was put on two years' probation, Two years prior was treated for ten weeks at Larundel Psychiatric Hospital, Bundoora for mental disorder.[6][7]

was under psychiatric treatment for 26 months, Early 1972 went to consultant psychiatrist Dr. Bernstein at Monash, told him he felt anxious and depressed, Was diagnosed as schizophrenic, after B. suggestion admitted himself as a voluntary patient at Parkville psychiatric unit, absconded after one day, In July 1972 entered home of a female acquaintance with intention to rape her, knocked her to floor but failed to have sex with her, was chrged with intent to commit rape, psychiatric examination followed, was sent to closed ward of Larundel Psychiatric Hospital, was treated with 16 doses of electroconvulsive therapy and tranquilisers, remained there for two months, according to psychiatrist John Brown he responded well to the therapy, was put on chlorpromazine and further seen as an outpatient, first every month, then every three months. Before rampage apparently stopped taking medication, was overdue with psychiatric appointment. P. asked Brown to attest him a resonable prognosis, B. complied to allow him to continue medical studies, in a letter to Monash University committe wrote: "the chance of him having a relapse in the future is difficult to predict accurately." After the rape chrges did not complete his third year at Monash, was re-admitted to university in 1973 after a special committee looked at the case, apparently without knowledge of the charges. was put on two years' probation after favourable evidence from psychiatrists and university, worked at St. Francis hospital on weekends since March 1974, inquest in rampage was held on November 27, 1974 by coroner H. Pascoe.[8]


At 11:50 a.m. attacked patient Ralph Leuther at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini private hospital in Koonil Crescent, East Malvern, with a milk bottle, worked there as a part time ward assisstant, then ran downstairs, told a nurse he was going off duty, when she objected he hit her, pushed her to the ground, then ran to his car, a white Cortina, drove to Armadale home. Head nursing sister at Cabrini called his father over an hour later, father was concerned re Parkinson,s mantal state. police was not informed about the incident until 1:09 p.m.[9]

2:40 p.m. stopped at house in St. George's Road, Joan O'Shea and her son John were working in the front garden. Parkinson walked towards them, retrieved shovel from theur garden, hit the boy with a shovel on head and arms. Then hit Mrs. O'Shea on head and shoulder, when she came to protect her son.

2:50 p.m. drove to Irving Street in Malvern/Alma Road, Caulfield, attacked Jean Ferguson on pavement, seriously injured her,

3:05 p.m. drives to Orrong Crescent, Caulfield, forces way into house of Sandra Cory and attacks her and her friend Sarion Rosen , who he had followed into the house., hits them with shovel, leaves both with head injuries, then drives off.

3:15 p.m. parks in Park Crescent, North Caulfield, when Janet Axom and Angie Sandler cross street he pulls out, drives at them, hits Janet

3:20 p.m. drove through Glen Waverley, runs down Paul Green riding tricycle on a footpath in Chandler Road,

3:30 p.m. ran down Luke van Heusen outside his home in Gallaghers Road

3:40 p.m. drives to Vermont Street, waited in his car until man working in garden moves out of view, then attacked Rachel Mary Grahame sitting on a fence outside a neigbours house together with a boy Liam Cosgrave, hit her with shovel edge on bridge of her nose, then across back of her head with shovel face. She died the next day in hospital. The boy was not harmed.[4][10]

4 p.m. drives to Winston street, attacks Dianne Campbell with shovel, hit several times, seriously injured, skull fracture.[11]

4:10 p.m. drives to Grantley Street, broke into the house of Barry Simpson, hit him on the head, Simpson and family escaped to neighbour N. Perry, S. called the police, P. broke into Perry home, by breaking living room window, Family fled, S. fended off P. spade blow with a chair, then threw chair at P., then ran from house, met policeman, P. went to next door house.[12]

4:16 p.m. P is shot dead by senior constable Steven Charles Dolman, after ignoring orders to drop spade, lunging at him. Fell after first shot, but sprang up again. was killed by second shot after trying to attack Dolman a second time. Died of bullet wounds in stomach and chest.[3][4]


Killed was:

  • Rachel Mary Grahame, 3

Wounded were:

  • Janet Axom, 15
  • Dianne Campbell, 3
  • Sandra Cory, 17
  • Jean Ferguson
  • Ralph Leuther
  • Mrs. Gray
  • Paul Green, 7
  • Sarion Rosen, 17
  • Joan O'Shea, 43
  • John O'Shea, 17, son of Joan O'Shea
  • Barry John Simpson, 38
  • Luke van Heusen, 10

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