Michel Stefanovich Prihatchenko
Occupation Soldier

November 23/24, 1923
Novi Sad, Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date November 23/24, 1923
Location(s) Novi Sad, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Two revolvers
Bare hands

Michel Stefanovich Prihatchenko (also identified as Michael Pojhodosenko and Peter Johptschenko) was a Russian who killed eight people in Novi Sad, Kingdom of Yugoslavia during the night from November 23 to November 24, 1923.[1][2][3]

Prihatchenko, a former lieutenant and pistol champion of the Imperial Russian Army, had escaped from Russia together with Maria Zahnova, who was variously described as his mistress, or wife, and settled in Novi Sad, where he earned a living by piaying in a native Russian orchestra at a restaurant. Zahnova eventually left him for the leader of the band, who dismissed him from the orchestra three days prior to the murders on her insistence.

On November 23 Prihatchenko strangled his 5-year-old son, suspecting that he was not his father, and then went to the restaurant where he ordered a bottle of wine and asked the orchestra to play the Russian folksong "Volga, Volga, Dear Mother". When the musicians refused and joked about his domestic affairs Prihatchenko drew two revolvers, shot Zahnvoa, who was sitting nearby, and then turned against the six men forming the orchestra, shooting each of them once in the head. Two of the musicians died at the scene, and one more succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter, while the other four victims were said to have been in hopeless condition and apparently died later on. When police arrived at the scene Prihatchenko committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]


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