Mohammud Akram Mohammud Ajam
Ethnicity Pathan
Attack information
Date February 8, 1921
Location(s) Bombay, British Raj
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Clasp knife

Mohammud Akram Mohammud Ajam was a Kabuli Pathan who killed six people near Crawford Market in the Indian quarter of Bombay, British Raj on February 8, 1921.

Ajam, who was about 50 years old, was said to have left a mosque and then dashed down the street, stabbing at anyone in his path with a clasp knife. When he was distracted with killing a police sepoy, who had tried to arrest him, a Parsi named Dadiba Edulji Nanji seized the opportunity to subdue and restrain him until the arrival of further police forces. By that time three people lay dead at the scene, while three others were brought to hospital, where all of them succumbed to their injuries. Questioned about the reason for the attack Ajam replied: "It is my destiny. The thought came to my mind, and I struck."[1][2][3][4]

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