Moses Pearson
Moses Pearson
Background information
Born 1945
Jacksonville, Florida, United States

April 25, 1976(1976-04-25) (aged 31)
Jackson, Georgia, United States

Cause of death Suicide
Parents Moses Pearson
Andy Pearson
Attack information
Date April 11-25, 1976
Location(s) Jacksonville, Florida & Georgia, United States
Killed 7-9
Injured 13
Weapon(s) Two .38-caliber revolvers
.22-caliber pistol

Moses Pearson alias "Pickle Daddy" was an American who killed three people and wounded thirteen others in Jacksonville, Florida and Georgia, United States on April 25, 1976, before committing suicide. He was also suspected of having been involved in six other murders in the two weeks prior to the shooting.




  • John G. Matthews, 74 (Suspected)
  • George Stephens, 51 (Suspected)
  • McClendon Williams, 46
  • Frank Stevens, 62
  • Tommy Hobbs, 50
  • Willie Wright, 69
  • Curtis Fallen, 53
  • George Brownie Quarles, 52
  • George Lucas Griffin

Among those wounded was Leslie Janda.


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