Author(s) DeLisi, Matt
Walters, Glenn G.
Year 2011
Title Multiple Homicide as a Function of Prisonization and Concurrent Instrumental Violence: Testing an Interactive Model — A Research Note
Published in Crime & Delinquency, Vol. 57, No. 1
Pages 147–161
DOI 10.1177/0011128708327034
Link [1]
Abstract Prisonization (as measured by number of prior incarcerations) and concurrent instrumental offending (as measured by contemporaneous kidnapping, rape, robbery, and burglary offenses) were found to interact in 160 multiple-homicide offenders and 494 single-homicide offenders. Controlling for age, gender, race, criminal history, prior incarcerations, and instrumental contemporaneous offending, the interaction between prior incarceration and instrumental contemporaneous offending was a significant predictor of multiple homicide. These results constitute exploratory evidence suggesting that multiple homicide has a greater likelihood of occurring when prisonization and concurrent instrumental criminal offending are present. The theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed.
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